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Estate Planning

We believe in providing a customized experience to every client. People often make the mistake of going to a document preparation assistant or thinking that they can create their own estate planning documents. That is an expensive mistake. Even other estate planning attorneys may treat you like a number in their document factory, giving you a one-size-fits-all document that isn't tailored to your specific needs. However, that will not accomplish your objectives and will be a waste of your time and money. We spend the majority of our time listening to your needs and crafting the ideal plan that best suits you.

Many people are confused about the use of a trust to protect their assets. We'll explain that to you. But unlike those document assistants or other sites, we will save you the extra hassle of transferring all of your assets into the trust. The document preparation is an added bonus. Our firm strives to provide clients with exceptional quality and timely completion of work and superior service. Lastly, we guarantee your satisfaction. Will other lawyers do that?

Our Estate Planning Practice

The field of estate planning involves protecting and increasing your assets. If you own a home, have children, own a business, own rental properties, need to lower your taxes, or have been recently married/divorced, then this applies to you. Our lawyers have extensive experience with estate planning matters. There is no estate too small or too large for us to handle. If you have a business or rental properties, we can limit your liability and possibly save you money on your insurance costs.

Estate planning is not only about what happens after you die. It is really a map about how you want to plan your life, making sure you can live as comfortably as possible while ensuring the security of your loved ones.

Estate planning also includes reducing the amount you pay in personal income tax, business tax, capital gains tax, estate taxes, or any other taxes. We can make sure that when you die all of your assets go to your intended family members, and not to the government or an unwelcome family member. This will also potentially save your heirs tens of thousands of dollars in probate fees. Finally, estate planning also includes increasing your current wealth and planning your retirement through the use of various tax loopholes and investments. In short, you can't afford not to have an estate plan.

Our attorneys represent clients in all areas of estate planning, including:

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